Tuesday, April 17, 2007

wednesday house tour ~ guest bath

today the house tour continues upstairs in the guest bath (ok, 'the kids' bath...their litter boxes are in here). this room is actually the same color as the dining room...not sure how that happened! this room had ugly light blue floral wallpaper in it and the vanity was stained a dark brown. we stripped the walls and painted them and the husband painted the vanity white and put a new cultured marble top/sink in. we decided to leave the tile as it wasn't too offensive and we wanted to maintain the style of the house. (I also made the pictures smaller this week...so you can click on them to enlarge them...not sure i like this, will probably go back to larger ones next week...sorry)

looking into the room...we also put up a mirror with a silver frame

view of the vanity top...picture to the left is a cross stitch i did a LONG time ago and recently had framed. the 'monkey' is the soap dish.

rug is from target...the husband did a great job painting the vanity and installing new knobs/hinges

i always fold the t.paper in the guest baths in a triangle...like this is a hotel or something ;-)

i have a couple of pictures by this artist, mike smith ...i order them from smith galleries in hilton head, sc.

i made the shower curtain and the window treatment...the vanity stool came from goodwill and i sewed a new cover for it from a towel and painted it flat black to look like wrought iron.

the sole window treatment in the entire house! the tree outside is leafing out nicely. when you are up here it's like being in a tree house.

thank you for stopping by...next week we may go into the guest bedroom aka kady's room (she likes to sleep under the bed in there).

i have something special in store for tomorrow so be SURE to stop by the blog...until then...happy wednesday and don't forget to watch lost!



Magnolia Sun said...

Very pretty and neat. I really love the colors and the fabric is beautiful. Good job to the husband.

AM said...

Jason and I were just talking about Lost! We cant remember the preview for this week...

Love the bathroom. That wall color looks like our dining room/kitchen color. And you've inspired me yet again. The house we are buying has a fairly new vanity (about that size) but its reg old plain oak color, not nice at all. We wont be able to afford to replace it this summer with the kitchen remodel, but we could definetly paint it!

Lookng forward to seeing the suprise tommorow!

Hope your job isnt as busy this week!

rpm said...

I love the colors in there. You guys do a great job of painting the vanity and walls and redoing the countertop. Everything looks great. Seriously, you need a vacation down here...so that you can help my house!

girlville said...

am, definitely paint the bathroom vanity!! it will look completely different when you are done. a gallon of white trim paint will make a world of difference in a house for not too much $!