Tuesday, April 17, 2007

some books, a bachelor and movies too!

my books arrived from barnes and noble yesterday! i've added them to the 'beach reading' pile...now i just need to get the new dorothea benton frank book and i'm done!

i''m very happy with all of my selections and excited to start reading down at the beach.

on last nite’s episode of the bachelor i was shocked that stepanie from sc got a rose!! i wonder if abc is just making her look worse than she actually is?? i thought it was awful that he had to chose between peyton and tessa at the 2-on-1 date. i feel certain that if he wasn’t forced to make that decision he would have given both of them a rose at the rose ceremony. i think bevin got a pity rose for hurting her ankle…i’m still pulling for tessa although i did like danielle last nite. i even started to think barbie, i mean erin, wasn’t so bad…and would have preferred she stayed over stephanie from sc…looks like lots of drama will ensue next week…

i’ve watched 3 movies in the past few days…first ‘a good year’ staring russell crowe. this movie is based on a novel of the same name by peter mayle. as usual the book is WAY better than the movie. there is an entire side plot in the book that is practically skipped over in the movie??? the cinematography is lovely as the movie takes place in provence, france, but the underlying fact that i kept waiting for the movie to follow the plot lines of the book (which didn’t happen) and that I don’t really care for russell crowe made this just a so-so for me…i give it 2 stars.

the holiday’ starring cameron diaz and kate winslet was also rather disappointing. i’m not sure what i thought it was going to be about but it wasn’t what i thought it was going to be! the only redeeming factor of the movie was the musical score. it had a lot of good christmas music in it. other than that it was definitely worth skipping. i give it 1.5 stars.

the BEST movie i’ve watched in the past couple of days is ‘marie antoinette’ starring kirsten dunst. written and directed by sofia coppola this movie is just lovely! the cinematography, musical score and costumes are all outstanding. if you have not seen this movie…go rent it! i give it 4.5 stars (if she’d have gotten to keep her dog i would have given it 5).

i’ve still got to watch ‘stranger than fiction’…ran out of time what with all the good stuff on tv Sunday nite…



Magnolia Sun said...

I ordered the new Dorthea Benton Frank book but it's on back order so disappointed (I'm a member of double day so I order my books from them) wish I would have just got it at the bookstore now.

The Holiday looked like a good choice maybe I'll skip it now.

Magnolia Sun said...

Forgot to tell you this - I started a book log on my blog too - thanks for the idea it will help me remember what I've read!

Pam said...

I had mixed feeling about "The Holiday" too. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be either. I absolutely LOVED Marie Antoinette! So excellent!

I can't believe Stephanie SC got a rose. Seems like there is always one like her each season. I felt sorry for Peyton when she had to stand there and watch them leave. There was a small mention of her in the paper today that said taht she actually lives in Texas now.

rpm said...

I wonder why the batchelor gave the girl that feel and hurt herself a watch? I thought that was real strange. I think Stephanie from SC is yucky...the way she was pressing on him with that mud! I saw Marie Antoinette at the theater and it didn't appeal to me...I was wanting more "French" language or accents and I didn't care for the music. But the scenery and costumes were so pretty.