Thursday, April 26, 2007


i was semi-successful at the mall tonite. i finally found the dorothea benton frank book at barnes and noble in the mall. it was 30% off and i had a gift card with a whopping $1.60 left on it. i ended up paying about $17 and figured that wasn't too bad and now my beach reading pile is complete. i couldn't find anything at the dept. store where i had a gift card but did get free underwear from victoria's secret with a coupon they had sent in the mail. nothing struck my fancy at talbot's either so that coupon will not be used. i hit ann taylor loft and found 2 pairs of dressy capri pants in the petite section on clearance. the black pair rang up at $14!!! i'm wearing them to work tomorrow!

this picture isn't very and brown pants aren't very photogenic!



Pam said...

Great finds! I love Ann Taylor Loft. I also like Talbots but hardly ever go to the store here. There is an outlet in Lexington, KY that my sister in law and I go to as a day trip. My other favorite store is Coldwater Creek. We have a store here in the mall but there is an outlet at the Tanger in Piegon Forge that I love. I also really loved Casual Corner but all the stores closed down here.

rpm said...

Looks like a good trip to the mall. Thanks for sharing the photos! That is a good deal on the book and the pair of pants. Have a great trip to the beach!

Magnolia Sun said...

I'm still waiting on that book from my book club - it was backordered. I hope yall have a great time at the beach and do lots of shopping.