Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a sandwich, movies and the bachelor!

the husband wasn't feeling so great last nite so i decided to make him a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner...maybe this was cause i had half a loaf of wheat bread from wholefoods and some cheese and not much else on hand...just maybe...but anyways it occurred to me to use my george forman grill to make a panini of sorts. it turned out fabulous. this picture doesn't do it justice but it had grill marks just like a panini. i see all sorts of sandwiches in our near future with turkey, basil, fresh tomatoes and cheese all squished and melty made up on the george!

on my weekend update post i totally forgot that i watched 2 movies over the holiday. first up was 'my super ex-girlfriend' which was anything but super! thankfully i did my ironing while watching it else i would have felt like i wasted about 90 minutes.

the other movie i watched was 'thank you for smoking'...i LOVED it!! it was a great satire about a cigarette industry spin doctor. being from north carolina the winston-salem connection proved humorous. there were tons of cameo appearances in this movie. i highly highly suggest you watch it if you can see the sense of humor in a satire about trying to get people to smoke.

last night i got home before the husband...since we normally carpool to work together tyler expects his dad to come in the door same time as me...the poor thing got all confused when it was only me yesterday...he practically pressed his nose on the door glass peering around for his daddy! luckily for tyler, the husband arrived just a few minutes later.

i thought 'the bachelor' was good last nite. i was fine with his choices to let go save for i might have let another of the dumb blondes go instead of the dark haired girl in the white dress...i really like tessa...next week i'm sure i'll really like someone else...the girl from sc that he had the one on one date with has to go! she gets on my nerves. the husband watched with me and he thinks the show is ridiculous...pretty much he's right.



Magnolia Sun said...

poor Tyler. The sandwich looks really good and good idea to use the George Foreman, can't wait to see your other ideas.

and yes we do play bunco once a month.

rpm said...

that's a great idea for the George Forman....I think I can see some sandwiches in my future, too. thanks for the idea. The animals sure are creatures of habit. I thought he would throw out both of the dumb blondes...I called them Paris and Nicole...that's who they reminded me of. I like the dark-haired girl in the white dress. I also like the girl named Amanda that he was on the swing with. I agree, the girl from Folly Beach has got to GO. He sure seemed too happy with her on their date.

AM said...

That sandwhich does looks good. We do grilled cheeses fairly often. What kind of chips are those? They look very different. Maybe its just the picture.

Cant wait to see what room you show tommorow!

girlville said...

y'all the george foreman makes an amazing sandwich! i highly suggest you try it! it's also not that messy to clean up like when you grill chicken on it or something like that. AM, the chips are some from trader joe's...i think asagio cheese or something like that.

Pugalicious said...

we need to get a foreman grill for sure.. don't have one, I'd sure use one if we did

Lola's *mom* said...

My husband is of the same opinion as yours...he sat down during the bachelor with me and told me how silly it is. But I noticed he got just as drawn in as I did!

I liked the girl in the white dress too! I was surprised when he picked Barbie Girl #2 to stay!!