Wednesday, April 11, 2007

paula's new book

paula deen's new book 'it ain't all about the cookin' ' came out last tuesday...i hi-tailed it to bj's to get a copy but they didn't have it...seems they don't get the books on the day they are released cause when i went last nite for the new dorothea benton frank book which was released yesterday, they had the paula book but not the dbf i guess i'll have to start going a week after the release to get my new books at bj's. i like getting books there because they are much cheaper than barnes and noble, the local bookstore or buying them online.

i'm working on getting my beach reading all lined up as we go in less than 3 weeks for our annual 'spring break'. today i ordered 2 books online: 'the yarn harlot' and 'the friday night knitting club'. the new dorothea benton frank one will round out my selections for my beach reading...

it's all i can do not to crack this book open and start reading it!



Pam said...

I have that one on my list too!! I think I'm going to get it this weekend. I'm dying to read it, I've heard it's great.

You'll love the Yarn Harlot!

AM said...

I saw that book in Books a Million the other day! I want to read it too! I'll have to put it on my request list at the library! Good luck to me!

rpm said...

Paula Deen is coming to Mobile and we thought about going to see her. The tickets are $65 but that includes the new book. We decided not to go. It was just too expensive. I sure do want to go to The Lady & Sons restaurant one day.

girlville said...

pam, i'm very excited about the yarn harlot book!

am, i'm sure you will get the book from the library. funny thing, i saw it in the harris teeter grocery ad yesterday...i'd of never thought to buy it at the grocery store!

rpm, yikes that's $$$! i'm hoping she comes to our local book store but it's not looking promising. she came for her last cookbook about a year ago but we were at the beach. it's free when she comes but REALLY crowded. i want to go to the restaurant too. maybe we will do that instead of disney this year!

Lola's *mom* said...

Once you read the Friday Night Knitting Club please let me know what you thought of it! I have it on my "To Read" list but haven't picked it up yet.