Thursday, April 12, 2007


here's my recap of last nite's episode of 'lost' condensed to one word: WOW!!!! i did NOT see the end coming...those others are so e.v.i.l. i cannot figure out the whole pregnant women/cancer stuff and why they needed juliet to 'fix' them...i'm sure we will find the answer out no time soon...i think there are about 6 more episode this season and the season finale is supposed to be in we will be talking about it all summer...any thoughts on lost?



Magnolia Sun said...

Sorry I don't watch Lost but sounds very good.

I'm also waiting on the new DBF book I belong to a book club and ordered it last week, can't wait for it to come in and start reading it.

AM said...

This is what I think:

Ben was BORN on the island (he said that a couple episodes ago) so apparently his mother was immune to the island's effects on pregnant women, that have been turning the fetus and mother against each other, thus killing them both. So, that is why I think Ben thought he was immune from cancer! Now, why the island makes it so women cant have children, I dont know, but they (Ben and his crew) must have realized they needed to bring in a researcher to help them so they can continue to procreate.

Pugalicious said...

what a wacky show.. could never get into it

Pam said...

I thought it was one of the best of the season. I was totally wondering if Juliette could be trusted. If she hates Ben so bad and wants to leave so bad, what power does Ben have over her that she is constantly doing these things to basically please him?

Snarkmeister said...

I loved this episode. What a mindf*ck that ending was. Ben is deliciously evil.

I think Juliet is out for herself, and will screw over anyone to get off the island. She basically said as much when Jack told her she'd be on her own if Sun didn't get better, and she said, "I already am."

Also, TWoP forum posters brought up the idea that perhaps it is only women who get pregnant on the island, not women who come to the island already pregnant, who end up dying. This would explain why Rousseau didn't die when she was pregnant with Alex.