Sunday, April 22, 2007

festival fun

on saturday we went to the 'great grapes' wine festival...the weather was outstanding! there were maybe 15 north carolina wineries represented along with some artists (nothing special though) and a few food vendors...we tasted many many wines and purchased many many wines ;-)

the festival was located at a park which has a very nice amphitheatre where concerts are held in the summer. the wineries/vendors were spread throughout the park under tents. there was plenty of shade and places to rest.

we had bbq sandwiches for lunch...the husband's finishing his up here...and ben and jerry's ice cream. afterwards we went to trader joe's since it was close by and stocked up for our trip to the beach next week!!

sunday we headed to the annual wake forest herb festival...we'd never been before so we didn't know what to expect. it was held in the 'town square' where they have a small farmer's market on saturday mornings. there were a few artists and other assorted vendors but mainly there were just lots and lots of really nice herbs and perennials.

the tables spread out for a long stretch...this is about 1/3 of them. the herbs were all good quality and very healthy.

i got chocolate mint, thyme, sage, sweet basil, purple basil and lavender. i needed cilantro but it didn't look so great so i passed on it.

i planted them all when i got home.

also yesterday i watch brooklyn lobster. i have no clue why i added it to my netflix list. it was pretty good though. i'd suggest it if you like odd-ball non mainstream movies. i've had a bad sinus infection all weekend so for the most part i just sat around and felt miserable.

have a great week!



rpm said...

That sounds like fun this weekend...I hate that you were not feeling well. I have never heard of that movie. Those herbs do look very healthy. Did you get the interview questions I sent to your e-mail? Just checking in case you didn't.

Magnolia Sun said...

Looks like a good weekend, sorry you weren't feeling well. I would like to plant some herbs this year. We are suppose to wait until late May to plant things around here.

girlville said...

rpm, yes i got the questions...i'm working on them right now!

Pam said...

What a fun weekend! I hope you are feeling better after your sinus infection.