Wednesday, April 25, 2007

and the winner is...

we had to go to bj's tonite for gas and beach i packed up my 'contest kit' and brought it along in the car

notice the cup...i got this at mary kay andrews' book release for 'savannah breeze' was held here at the local bookstore right before she moved back to atlanta...she use to live next door to my cool is that? i thought some of y'all would appreciate it...anyhoo

all four names were put in the cup and we waited until 7p on the dot!

the husband did the honors of drawing while i manned the camera...and the winner is...

magnolia sun! yea!! so magnolia sun, please email me (see sidebar for address) and i will ship it to you tomorrow.

BUT wait...since all four of you were so nice to enter my little contest...and all four of you are so nice to come visit my blog right regularly...i have decided to paint each of you a little dragonfly canvas. so if the remaining 3...AM, Pam and RPM would each please email me and tell me if you want yours to look exactly the same or if you would like the colors changed i'm glad to do that. i will paint them next week at the beach and mail them out when i return.

thank ALL of you for entering! and for reading my blog!

now....i gotta get ready to watch LOST!



Pam said...

*applause* congrats Magnolia Sun!!!!

That's awesome you have offered to paint more. you are just too sweet! =)

AM said...

Lost is almost on!!!! That is so neat that you did a real drawing. And Im glad to know your husband was helping, because someone in that car has hairy legs. (And you know what? I might have just put my foot in my mouth, because I suppose it could have been you. Maybe you have hairy legs. And if so? That is ok.)

You have pretty handwriting!

ANd thanks for offering to paint more! I am excited!!!!!!

girlville said...

AM, rest assured those are NOT my legs!!!

rpm said...

Yea!! I'm glad for MS that she won that but also so glad you are offering to paint us all one! You are too sweet...and your blog is fun to read! I like your husband's watch! When I was dating my husband, he gave me a MM clock that he bought at a local jewelry store and it's not working now so I need to find a clock shop to see about fixing it. I just got the Savannah Breeze book and am looking forward to reading it.

the husband said...

For the record: while I know you can see the names inside the cup, I DID NOT look inside when I made the selection. She took that pic, I shook it up and pulled one out. We did all of this sitting at a gas pump at BJ's waiting for the clock to strike 7:00.