Thursday, March 1, 2007

what's in the box?

yesterday rpm asked what was in the wooden boxes on the worktop in the craft closet:
honestly, i couldn't remember what i had put in them. the husband brought these cigar boxes home from work where someone put them up for grabs. has stamps

one has stencils

and one has trims and ribbons

sophie says my worktop is a total mess and i should clean it up immediately!



rpm said...

Those are nice cigar boxes! I like those stamps. My daddy used to smoke cigars and I'd get the boxes but they were cardboard but nice to keep stuff in. I have my bottles of glitter in them. Thanks for sharing that. I love Sophie sitting there on your desk visiting.

Pam said...

Look at Sophie..she is such a pretty girl! Seeing your girlville space is guilting me into getting my own stuff organized. It's just this huge moutain of stuff that I keep avoiding. If they gave medals out for procrastination, I would certainly get one! Those cigar boxes are gorgeous by the way!

Magnolia Sun said...

The boxes are beautiful and a good idea to store your crafy stuff in. Sofie also looks beautiful sitting on your desk