Monday, March 5, 2007


friday nite we went to a local pub for dinner and then made a run to trader joe's for 'supplies'. saturday i went to the grocery store early and the husband painted the master bathroom (sophie assisted by stepping in paint and then running all over the house). later, while the kids were sunning themselves...

... i tried out a trader joe's brownie mix. i added a tablespoon of espresso powder and a handful of cappuccino chips to the mix. they were crazy good and i think the mix is something like $1.99! if you live near a trader joe's you should try their mixes. if you don't live near a trader joe's see if there is one in any other cities you visit and if so - take an empty suitcase to fill up!

later in the afternoon, a friend accompanied me to bed, bath and beyond for new bathroom stuff and stayed for dinner. we had harry and david apple cinnamon pancakes, bacon and homemade hash brown potatoes.

sunday we put the bathroom back together and i made this:

i watched my regular sunday evening shows (extreme makeover home edition, desperate housewives and brothers and sisters) and made some progress on the husband's afghan. all and all it was a pretty good albeit uneventful weekend.



rpm said...

I love seeing the cats in the sunshine. Brownies look so good. I really like that show Brothers and Sisters. Nice painting!

Magnolia Sun said...

I LOVE the blue. I've seen those brownies at TJ, I'll have to try them next time. Your Sunday night TV shows sound like ours.

Pam said...

I love your bay window area. We had our bedroom in our previous house painted about that color blue.

I checked out that website for the pub, it sounds really nice.

AM said...

Ilove your window area! Love the blue, love the windows, love the view. Must see more house pictures.