Monday, March 26, 2007

weekend update

when i got home from work on friday i walked 2 miles (doing that most days now that it's getting to be 'swimsuit season') and then we went to my parent's house to reclaim our garden clippers they had borrowed. a quick stop was also made at the grocery for the week's supplies. since i was craving mexican but didn't feel like cooking or going out we got frozen enchiladas. i enjoyed mine with a margarita and used my last mickey mouse napkin from our trip to disney world last december.
i watched zero movies and crashed early friday nite.

saturday morning i finished sorting thru the hat boxes and moved them to a new location because i got an old child's chair from my parent's house to put in girlville to stack books on (forgot to take picture). here's all that remains of my 'stuff' and it all neatly fits in the middle box. the goal is to keep the other 2 empty!

after lunch i went to help the friend make baby nursery curtains for her daughter who was out of town for the weekend. a couple of years ago when i started crocheting again i made a beautiful (at least i think so) baby blanket. since there is pink in it i've been hesitant to give it to someone having a boy. well i've waited and waited and there have been at least 3 boys born but NO girls. since the baby we made the curtains for is finally a girl i took the blanket along as a gift. i'm so happy the blanket has now got a home!

i got home from curtain making at 5pm and rendezvoused with the husband to find out all about his day and then we ended up going to his parent's house and staying for dinner. when we got home i watched a little tv and went to bed.

sunday i had nothing to do until a family cookout/birthday party at 5pm so i crocheted some on the husband's afghan after reading the paper and having coffee in bed. i love the sunday paper with all the ads and coupons! i also did all of the laundry including the sheets. kady says she loves sheets fresh out of the dryer tossed on the bed...they make an excellent cat nest!

after cleaning the house a bit i made pasta and meat sauce (with ground turkey breast) and the last harry & david soup mix i had on hand for lunches this week then it was on to making roasted potatoes for the cookout (separate post for potatoes with recipe later today). i barely had enough time to get them in the oven and clean the kitchen before i had to get ready to go to the party. we had hamburgers and ate outside so the niece/nephews could run around like the wild indians that they are. after we got home i spent my evening watching repeats (when oh when are desperate housewives/brothers and sisters going to be new???) and working on the afghan. why is it weekends fly by??



rpm said...

the baby blanket is so pretty. I bet the mama of a baby or boy would be happy to get that. Kady looks so happy to be in the fresh sheets. Why is it that all animals like the fresh clothes and sheets??

Magnolia Sun said...

The blanket is so pretty. I learned how to knit this past Dec but haven't learned how to mix colors. Kady looks very cozy and comfy.

Pam said...

The blanket is absolutely gorgeous! Do you have the pattern?

I love the Sunday paper too. I pull out all the ads and coupons and look at those first.

I thought Brothers and Sisters was new last night...I taped it so I don't know. The episode just didn't ring a bell with me.

girlville said...

rpm - kady prefers sheets but tyler loves a load of towels hot out of the dryer. i put them on the bed and he tunnels in them!

magnolia sun - you need to post some pictures of things you've knitted!

pam - yes i have the pattern. if you email me (link in sidebar) i'll send you a pdf tomorrow. bros & sis isn't new until this coming sunday. but you could have missed the episode that was on last nite. honestly i've slept thru the middle of a good many of them. 10p shows kill me.