Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekend update

my weekend has flown by, but i'm MORE than glad for daylight saving time! i enjoyed my extra hour of daylite today even though i was missing it big time this morning.

friday nite we did our petsmart spca volunteering, went to lowes AND home depot looking for some spray paint i had bought before (couldn't remember where i'd gotten it from and it wasn't either of those stores) and went on our weekly grocery trip.

saturday we took the road trip to seagrove, nc which is in another post.

so today, sunday, was my day for getting stuff done. early on we went to ace hardware in a last ditch effort to find the spray paint and that's where i'd gotten it! then we made a quickie trip to supertarget for just a few things including a new shower curtain to go in our 98% finished bathroom redo.

last week i realized that i needed something to hold all of my spools of ribbon so the husband created this out of scrap wood and i spray painted it this afternoon, i LOVE it:

all last week i worked on another painted wood block and finally finished it last nite and sealed it's a complementary piece to the shoe i did for myself last they both are:

in honor of the warm weather i made a blender of frozen drinks and we had a mid-day break while watching the very end of the acc basketball tournament. i got the recipe from sweetnick's. if you've never visited her blog it's great and i've never made a recipe from her that didn't turn out fabulous.

after the game was over i went on a 2 mile walk and just enjoyed being outside. once back home, an empty freezer necessitated making some dishes for lunches this week. rpm inspired me with her baked spaghetti post and i came up with lasagna without lasagna noodles (mainly because i had everything i need except the right pasta to make it). since it went straight into individual containers and into the freezer for lunches i have NO idea how it tastes but it smelled really good.

i'll post the recipe tomorrow. i also had some ground sirloin in the freezer so i made meat sauce (i haven't made meat sauce in about a million years). we did have the spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, it was really good. we rarely eat meat and when we do it's turkey or chicken so this was a treat. the left overs were packed into containers for lunch and put in the freezer. we are going to be eating good this week!

now it's off to work on the husband's afghan and watch my sunday nite tv shows!



rpm said...

Wow you get a lot done on a weekend! I love the ribbon holder and those ribbons are so colorful. The drinks and food look yummy. What kind of drink is that? Looks like something that should be served on the beach in Hawaii or the Bahamas. Yummy.

girlville said...

rpm, the drink is something that i think sweetnick's (cate) made up for july fourth last year. it's a can of frozen lemonade, a cup of blue caracau (sp?) and ice blended until smooth. she also has a red and white version so it was red, white and blue cocktails. we like the blue the best even though i've got tons of strawberries so i should have made the red!

Magnolia Sun said...

The drinks look really good, especially on a warm afternoon. Your dinner looks good too. That's a good idea to cook stuff up on the weekends for lunches during the week.

Pam said...

ooo..the ribbon holder is great! I'm a ribbon freak but mine is stashed in one of those rolly carts. Woudl love to have them all hung up like that so I could see them better.