Sunday, March 18, 2007

weekend review, really late, cause i was sick...

monday was spent being sick with some stomach bug type of thing and i didn't feel like doing much of anything least of all turning on the computer...hence no blogging yesterday. tyler and kady took sympathy on me and decided it was their duty to keep me company...ok we all slept but they were right there with me...sophie on the other hand jumped up on the bed early on...looked at me like i was crazy...and jumped down...i never saw her again all day. now i'm well on the road to recovery and trying to remember what i did last weekend.

friday i'm sure we went to the grocery store cause that's what friday nites are for, right? i have no recollection of eating or dinner or food but i'm sure we did eat something.

saturday morning a friend and i went to a shopping event at a local school ($ was raised for the school thru a silent auction, fee to get in and fee to vendors for booth space). there were vendors from across the country selling all sorts of lovely things that i didn't need but certainly wanted. after the shopping we stopped by the fresh market for the evening's dessert and some dinner rolls, picked up some girl scout cookies from my cousin and returned home. we ate pizza with the husband for lunch and then decided to go to thrift stores. i want a piece of furniture for girlville that will hold lots of stuff!! something like an old buffet that i can paint or refinish. after 4 thrift stores i gave up for the day. being that it was st. patrick's day i made us all shepherd's pie for dinner to go with the bread from the fresh market and cheesecake with raspberry wine for dessert (how very irish, no?).

sunday i cleaned the house, made another batch of 'faux lasagna' for lunches this week, finished one of the bulletin boards for girlville and worked feverishly on the husband's afghan. at around 11:30 pm the stomach bug hit and i couldn't sleep very well. i spent yesterday sleeping/recovering and hope that it's gone for good now as i'm feeling much better!

first bulletin board all finished!

my 'loot' from the shopping thing: easter napkins and a cupcake kitchen towel

the shepherd's pie from st. patrick's day dinner



AM said...

that rasberry wine sounds good. So do the girl scout cookies and a trip to Fresh market! I love that place. When we move it will be about 35 minutes away. Boo. Now it is about 10 minutes away.

Pam said...

mmmm...shepherd's pie! I love the fresh market, they have the best stuff!

rpm said...

Your items you bought are too cute. I am going to get to a fresh market at some point. The closest one is 45 minutes away but I have got to get there!! That pie looks good. It's so nice that the cats keep you company!

Lola's *mom* said...

Love, love, love the bulletin board. I'd like to have something like this for the side of my refrigerator...but I'm not sure how it would hang though.

I also love the Fresh Market...we have one here and it is so tasty!

Magnolia Sun said...

Glad your feeling better. I love the bullentin board. One of my neighbors collects EVERYTHING rooster.

girlville said...

am - the wine was SO good we ordered more last nite and it was here before 8:30 this morning! i'll bring ya some when i come decorate your new house ;-)

rpm - get thee to the fresh market asap! you will love it (but bring plenty of $$ as it's rather pricey).

lola's mom - i saw a bulletin board someone made on a blog or something today and they put magnet stuff on the back so it would go on their fridge. if i can find the link again i'll let you know. mine is acutally hanging by one of those command adhesive things.