Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wednesday house tour

ok promised last week the tour continues in the powder room. i cannot even begin to explain how ugly this room was when we bought the house: peach tiny floral print wallpaper, dark stained hardwood floors, small dark stained vanity...not my taste at all - it was very 80's.

i knew i wanted a pedestal sink so my dad and the husband went to work...well first we ripped everything out. i took a steamer to the wallpaper and the husband trashed the vanity/sink/toilet/mouldings/floor. the builder didn't size the walls in ANY room before wallpapering thus when i steamed it off a lot of drywall paper came of with it. big fat mess it was. the husband had to skim coat the walls with drywall mud and sand, sand, sand. needless to say we did most of this work before we even moved in the house. i picked out a new sink at home depot and my 'workers' installed it. but the MOST difficult thing in the room was the paint. i picked out a lovely red and it took...are you coats. the husband wasn't very happy. he also redid all the moulding and installed crown too. here are the final results:

notice that you cannot see the 'plumbing' behind the sink! my 'workers' are GOOD!! they cut drywall and moved the pipes for this

i like pictures!! there are a bazillion in this tiny space...

the bottom picture above covers a electrical plug.

since i decided on a pedestal sink there is no storage in this room. the green basket holds extra towels/soap/paper

next week we finish up the first floor with the den.



rpm said...

Wow, that is so pretty. the color is really pretty. Your husband is a good sport to paint it that many times. You should hire your "workers" out since they do such good work. In our former house, I had that same sun mirror in a large version and it was the vanity mirror and when we sold the house, the new owner asked me to leave it there.

AM said...

BIG kuddos to your husband for taking care of those walls. that is a HUGE pain. And 7 coats of red! I believe it though. At least its a small space. Very cute indeed.

And I love the sun mirror! And all the framed art. What are those exactly in the frames?

Magnolia Sun said...

Very pretty, I love the little sun mirror. Good job for hiding the plumbing too.

girlville said...

rpm, i wanted a big sun mirror for the vanity but couldn't find one when we did this room. you were nice to leave it for the new owner in your old house.

am, if you mean the 4 little frames it's bugs (grasshopper, butterfly, dragonfly, bee) that are gold.

Pam said...

Really nice! Sounds like you guys really had to do some major work to your house. It looks great though and I just love your color choices. I need to do something to our powder room downstairs. Procrastination is my favorite word you know. ;) lol!

Pugalicious said...

It took us that many coats too, if you have seen pics of our livingroom.. its dark like this.. it took about the same amount. We just recently re did our bathroom. Put in a corner sink

girlville said...

pam, yeah we did a lot of work to the house. it had great 'bones' but the decor was dated. what you waiting for on your powder room??? maybe you can get to it as soon as you use up all your yarn ;-)

pugalicious, yes i remember your living room!...i had wondered if you had to do multiple coats too.

Pam said...

LOL!...thanks for that laugh this morning. Oh, the yarn stash is bad. One of my friends is even worse and she has started leaving large bags of her stash on my doorstep when I'm not there. Most of it is used for rescue work anyway (we crochet "snugglies" that go with the cats when they go home..something to smell like them in the new home).