Tuesday, March 13, 2007

wednesday house tour

it's wednesday and the second week of the house tour...today we are in the entry foyer/hall downstairs. i probably should have started here last week! there is very little light in our foyer and hall to the kitchen hence it is dim in these pictures. when we purchased the house all the trim work/mouldings downstairs were dark stained wood and the existing hardwood floors were also stained dark. we had the hardwoods refinished in natural and the husband meticulously painted all the trim white. in order to attempt to lighten up the foyer and hall i chose a cream color for the wall that contrasts slightly with the white trim.

this is the view from the kitchen down the hall to the front door (click on pictures to enlarge).

this bench is behind the front door, it's actually a garden bench but i like it inside...one day i may sew a cushion for it. the poster came from the national gallery in london at trafalgar square. we buy a lot of our artwork on our travels.

a different view - from standing on the stairs - of the bench...if you click on the picture you can maybe better see the frog statue thing beside the bench - it's our 'launch pad' where we keep cell phone/keys/etc. to grab before heading out of the house.

this narrow table holds a dancing frog lamp which provides a little light in the hallway at night. it had to be a super skinny table to fit in the narrow hallway.

this view is looking up the stairs to the second floor. there are (i think) 7 jennifer pudney needlepoint postcards that i stitched over the course of about a year going up the stairwell. i matted and framed them as i finished each one and the husband hung them for me.

ok, that ends the tour of the foyer/hallway...next week will feature the powder room.



Magnolia Sun said...

Love it all, I've got photos going up my staircase. I love your "lauch pad" my husband really needs one of those - I got him a basket that sits on top of the frig but nothing seems to get in it. I really like your floors too, I think I've probably told you that before I'm a real big fan of hard wood.

rpm said...

That is so pretty. I like the bench there. And I like the skinny table. Do you get the Ballard Design cataglog? I love their things for the home.

Lola's *mom* said...

Lovely. You have great taste! I did something similiar to this during Christmas time.

Pam said...

Can you come decorate my house?

AM said...

Seriously, you are coming down to when we buy a new house and helping me decorate. You are so good! And I LOVE all of the neat little architectural elements of your house. Very Nice.

Include outside pictures at some point please!

girlville said...

thank all of you for your nice comments!

lola's *mom*, thanks for stopping by my blog. i went and checked your's out - lola is such a cutie!! i'm going to add you to my blog listings.

pam, i'll come over right after i finish up at am's house!!

am, i'll do outside pictures after we do some tidying up out there - it't quite tragic right now...