Wednesday, March 7, 2007

wednesday house tour

in yesterday's comments AM asked for more house i'm going to start a wednesday house tour tradition. this week we are starting in the dining room cause it was fairly clean and the light was somewhat good in there for pictures!

this is looking from the entry hall into the dining room. you can also see the side door off of the kitchen and my 'bar' i made from a wire basket on a stand:
going clockwise, the next corner has the china cabinet (the table/chairs/china cabinet belonged to the husband's grandmother). the china has been used zero times:

across from china cabinet is a antique piece i purchased before we got married. it's not really a dining room piece per say but i like it and it holds a lot of stuff!:

finally back around to last corner where i had the husband make me a 'buffet' of sorts and i covered it in a silk fabric. yes, it's tiny but so is my dining room! there is lots of storage underneath for all of my crystal and flatware:

a final view of the table, chairs and chandelier. the chandelier was there when we bought the house and i added the shades. we have two more chairs that we store in a closet and only bring out when we need them to help keep the room less cluttered:

you can click on each picture to enlarge it. that's all for this week. please come back next wednesday for more of the tour!



Magnolia Sun said...

I LOVE everything! Love the furniture, window shutters, seat cushion fabric, wall color, rug, and all your stuff.

Pam said...

Beautiful!! I really like your buffet and the way you angled the china cabinent in the room.

Dave Daniels said...

What a great room. And you have MORE rooms, too? Just your dining room looks to be about the size of our entire studio apartment. That's amazing. You've done a nice job with the decorating and paint colors.

rpm said...

Your dining room is lovely! You have some major decorating skills. the silk covered storage thing your husband built and you covered...I've seen that in Southern Living and loved it. It must be so nice to have sewing skills! The colors in there are so pretty.

alfredsmom said...

Great looking. RPM is right, you really do have great decorating skills! WHen we move, you can come down and help us decorate! I LOVE that wall color. And the chair rail and the chandalier and the "vintage" posters. You live near me dont you?

girlville said...

i appreciate all of the nice comments! thank you all for the compliments.

dave - i feel certain that your apt. is a wee bit bigger seeing as how you are being mistaken for a b&b these days, lol!

alfredsmom - when you move up to RH you will be even closer!