Friday, March 30, 2007

tyler takes over

hi everyone, it's me - tyler. my mom is busy at work today so i'm taking over her blog thing again...i like blogging! first i have to tell you that my sister, sophie, is a big weirdo - she's always cold. she is constantly looking for a sunbeam to lie in or sitting under a lamp that's turned on or crawling under the bed covers with our dad. i would be so HOT if i did all that stuff. what's wrong with her...i mean we are covered in FUR and it keeps us warm! just yesterday she found the sun in our parent's room and got up on the bed to soak it up or something...look at her:

after she does this for about 2 minutes her fur is so hot it feels like she is on fire...i suspect at some point she will just cook her insides. she's strange!

for dinner last nite my mom cooked a smelled so good...i wanted some really bad and i begged and begged until my dad gave me a piece of crust...that trader joe's pizza is good even if it doesn't have chicken (my favorite thing in the world) on thinks she's some sort of part time vegetarian cause she hardly ever has meat. cats are meat eaters, woman...make me some chicken! here's the spinach pizza...the piggie parent's ate it all save for the tiny scrap dad gave me:

my parents are practically abandoning us this weekend cause they are helping their friend (she's my girlfriend) move. i like 'M' cause she comes to our house a lot and she's nice. the night before my parents went on vacation in december sophie decided to barf all over the house. of course mama freaked out (when isn't she freaking out??) and rushed her to the vet in practically the middle of the night. the vet couldn't find anything wrong with sophie (like that was a big was just a fur ball) but my mama was still all worried and didn't want to go on her trip the next day. she got ALL sorts of upset and told dad they weren't going and he was all like we ARE going since we have paid all this money and have plane tickets, etc. i don't know what her problem was...sophie had stopped the barfing and my grandparents come check on us 3 times a day at my mama's insistence when my parents are gone! anyways she made dad call up 'M' and see if she would come check on sophie at lunch everyday. so i got to see 'M' lots while my parents where on vacation and we became good friends. then last month dad had to go on an overnight and since mama is a big chicken (mmm, i like chicken) 'M' had to come spend the nite with her. i slept with 'M' all night. i really like her...this made mama mad...she wanted me to sleep with i think since we have slept together and all, 'M' is officially my girlfriend. i get very excited when she comes over to my house... so... like i said mama and daddy are helping her move and thus they are abandoning us for most of the weekend. they are going to be very busy moving boxes and furniture and rehanging pictures at 'M's new place...oh ,wait...the phone just was the spa...seems mama has an appointment there for a facial in the morning...wonder if daddy knows about this??? while they are gone i will be keeping myself busy with my new toy...i found it in girlville when mama was sewing...she said it wasn't an important part of her hello kitty machine so i got to keep held the power cord together when it wasn't plugged in....ever what...obviously it's a cat toy...just look at it:

isn't that the best toy you've ever seen? i pick it up in my mouth, toss it in the air, kick it under the keeps me very busy. i LOVE it! i'm so glad i found it.

well i gotta go take a bath and get ready for the weekend...oh wait, like i said before - when you are a cat everyday's like the weekend! later peeps.


rpm said...

Hey Tyler, I love your letter today. Sophie knows a good thing about the sunbeam. You could go up there and pounce on her and show her you think she's crazy. It's so nice that you have your mama's friend as your girlfriend. That means you will probably never have to go to a kennel for a "vacation" while your parents are enjoying their vacation. That pizza looks so good!

the daddy said...

Tyler - What have I told you about using the computer when we aren't home? You best behave or I won't open the windows this weekend (and you know how much it bugs mommy when we open the windows). hehehe! I hate to contradict you Little Man but everyday isn't like the weekend - it's only on weekends that you and your siblings get to lay in bed with mommy and me while we drink coffee and read the paper. Every other day we have to get up and go to work to help pay for your internet access. Silly kitty.