Friday, March 16, 2007

tyler takes over

hi everyone, it's me - mom doesn't feel like blogging today cause she's tired from being out late last nite at the hockey game (her team lost, but duke lost in the first round of the ncaa tourney and she thinks that's hysterical so i guess all is well) and she's cranky cause it's 'raining cats and dogs'...okay, i just looked outside and i don't see any cats OR anyway, i'm going to blog today in her absence.

speaking of outside i went there once but i didn't use those things they call doors. nope, i crashed thru my parents' second story bedroom window! yep, right thru the blinds and the glass. i landed in a bush and then crawled under the fence to the backyard and hid under the deck and waited for mom and dad to come home. i was very scared and it was muddy so i got dirty. my parents have no idea what made me attempt this feat of death and i'm not going to tell them either. when they got home that day they didn't know i was in the backyard. my mom noticed broken pieces of the blind and glass all over the floor as soon as she got to her room and she shrieked 'our house has been broken into' but my dad (who's really smart) said 'how did someone break in the second floor window, it's too high off the ground' and she agreed then my dad said 'where's tyler' and they looked everywhere and couldn't find me in the house. it was getting dark and they were supposed to be going to a hockey game (see - they go to hockey games lots) and my mom was frantic (nothing new there) so they went outside with flashlights calling my name. my mom got close to the deck so i called out 'here i am' which she construed as 'meow' and she called to dad and when i saw him i ran from under the deck in joy... he told me to get in the i did. they checked me out and i seemed ok to them save for being dirty. i was SO happy to get back inside - what took them so long to come home and get me?? they went on to the hockey game but called my grandparents and asked them to come over and check on me later on. mom called them during the game and my grandpa told her i had a cut on my side but it didn't look bad to him. when mom and dad got home from the game she immediately looked at my cut and gasped 'his insides are about to fall out' (i assure you it really wasn't that bad, my mom tends to exaggerate) so she and my dad rushed me to the emergency vet. the vet people looked at my parents like they were totally crazy when they told them that i crashed from a second story window. indeed my guts weren't about to fall out as mom thought but i did require lots of staples on my side cause the window glass made a long gash on me as i flew threw the air like superman...the vet people also had to shave a huge spot of my fur...i looked ridiculous. later on i had to get one of those collars around my neck since i thought it was my job to remove those staples one by one and spent most of my time doing just that. i had to wear that collar for TWO whole weeks! i think i learned my lesson and will never jump thru a window again!

here i am resting on my parent's bed in the very room where i made my leap of death all those years ago...i like to tuck my ear under my head...see how i've got it tucked under my head here?? why do i do this?? cause it makes my mom wonder why i do it and i like to drive her crazy cause she drives me crazy all the time!

have a nice weekend everyone...but when you are a cat, it's always the weekend!



AM said...

Tyler is so good looking. I love the "flew thru the air like superman" bit.

I CANT BELIEVE he was able to break thru the glass!!! Maybe he saw a bird?

Clearly, you keep your windows too clean. ;)

rpm said...

My goodness, Tyler, what an adventure. So glad you are okay. I wonder what someone would have thought if they saw you come through that window like that? I guess it's really true about cats having so many lives.

Pam said...

Goodness Tyler, what an ordeal. How did you ever crash through the window? Were you going after a bird?

My George "escaped" this fall. We looked everywhere for him and nearly went insane with worry. We found him in a field up above our house. How he got out...I will never know. I think he must have used his cloaking device and snuck past me when I opened an outside door.

Anonymous said...
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the husband said...

This is Tyler's dad speaking. I knew someone didn't break in because there was no glass INSIDE the house. No Tyler plus no glass inside = Tyler flew through outside. When we bought the house, the windows were single paned. We now have thermal paned windows and the chances of Tyler or any of our other cats flying through them are zero.