Thursday, March 22, 2007

stuff i found

i finished going thru the 3 hatboxes tonite. everything i'm keeping is sorted into stacks. i'm thinking of bringing some recycled mailers home from work to keep it all organized. all of the 'keepers' should fit in the middle sized box, maybe even the smallest one!

here is the weirdest stuff i found:

i think the dolphin and seahorse were in drinks i got on one of my college trips to the bahamas. really i have no idea where they came from but this is what i'm telling myself! the bubbles were from a wedding. whose? no idea! the 'medium rare' steak stick - again NO idea.
the $2 was in a card my grandparents had given me years ago.

tyler says 'yes mama, you kept some strange stuff!'

here's what is left after the big sort/toss. i plan to get it all organized tomorrow nite and maybe throw more away.


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rpm said...

I have kept some things over the years, too. I keep some cards and letters, notes, photos, and news clippings in the cardboard photo boxes. I'm starting to get quiet a few over the past 20 years.