Sunday, March 11, 2007

seagrove pottery trip

the weather saturday was outstanding and made for an enjoyable road trip to seagrove, nc. we hit about 15 potteries. below is a representative pottery shop. the shops/studios/kilns are all pretty much just right next door to the home of the potter(s). lufkin pottery has a resident cat, meow meow, as does most every pottery. if you look at the bottom of the screen door the husband is opening you can see meow meow waiting for us to come in! the girl with the husband is our friend who went with us.

besides getting to see lots of cats and other animals at the potteries, the reason the husband likes to go is to have lunch at the dairy breeze. we had hamburgers and fries but were too stuffed for ice cream. it was such a nice day we ate on the picnic tables out front.

holly hill pottery is home to the most exotic arrangement of animals. they use to have llamas and ostriches but on saturday there were only goats and three geese (?). this one's bill was crooked! he was pitiful. there is also a dog here that runs in circles in his pen and has worn a big oval track but he's getting so old and he just sat in the corner while we were there.

here is my loot, going clockwise from the wine chiller, 2 mini birdhouse plant stakes, 2 small tri-color bowls, a french butter dish and 2 more small bowls in cobalt blue:

on the drive back home we stopped at benjamin winery for a tasting and purchased a few bottles:it was a fun day trip that we are planning to repeat in the fall



rpm said...

That looks and sounds like a wonderfully fun day! I love the stuff you got at the potteries. The cobalt blue color is real pretty. Do you ever save your wine bottle labels? You could use one of those cigar boxes for that.

girlville said...

rpm, i do save my wine bottle labels but we got this sticky stuff like clear packing tape that rips them off and then we stick them in a blank book. even at that we have problems getting them off. you ever tried it and/or got any better ideas for removing them?

rpm said...

I've never tried it and I can't imagine a better way to get them off. But that's a good question to ask at a winery or wine tasting event.

Magnolia Sun said...

Glad yall had a great day and nice weather to enjoy, I love the pottery. The wine looks good too, I really enjoy white wine.

girlville said...

hey magnolia sun, they had a wine called 'magnolia' there - i thought of you! how funny is that?