Friday, March 23, 2007

a musical journey

while cleaning out the hatboxes i came across a lot of concert ticket stubs. it seems i went to quite a few concerts during college and the time right after. i can still remember with whom i went to each concert! ahhh...memories...this is why i keep stuff!

jimmy buffett: april 3, 1987 (chapel hill)
jimmy buffett: february 5, 1988 (chapel hill)
bon jovi: february 18, 1989 (chapel hill)
jimmy buffett: july 15, 1990 (winston-salem)
robert plant: october 15, 1990 (greensboro)
yes: july 10, 19991 (raleigh)
jimmy buffett: july 19, 1991 (raleigh)
eric clapton: may 11, 1992 (chapel hill)
tom petty: april 12, 1995 (raleigh)
van halen: september 1, 1995 (raleigh)
eric clapton: september 9, 1995 (chapel hill)

i also remember going to see phil collins/genesis in chapel hill but i guess that ticket got tossed - i've probably still got the t-shirt though ;-)

the husband and i have been to very few concerts together and since he is a NON packrat there are few ticket stubs by which to recall goes my best attempt...i'm sure he will correct me if i'm wrong and i know no dates (barely even remember the year):

'down from the mountain' tour (various bluegrass musicians) ~ awesome concert!!
ricky skaggs/del mccoury band ~ in an old theatre in durham, very intimate setting
billy joel
and just last summer...kenny chesney ~ a great time, we are going back this summer!

what's your favorite concert ever?



rpm said...

You made it to a lot of concerts! I think my favorite concert was the Rolling Stones in New Orleans.

AM said...

Im embarrased to say this, but the last concert I went to was...Britney Spears....

Ive also been to:

Hootie and the Blowfish (and Edwin McCain)
BOys II Men ( my favorite)
Diana Ross
Barry Manilow

There might be more, but that's all I can remember. PRetty wide range huh? :)

Lola's *mom* said...

My husband and I have never, ever been to a concert together. We definitely need to do that sometime.

My first concert was at age 12 - New Kids on the Block!! Ha Ha
I guess a few of my favorites have been Patty Loveless and Amy Grant.

girlville said...

rpm, i would love to see the stones. they've been around several times and i've just never made myself go.

am, i'm not going to pick on you about britney...hootie is good stuff! i would like to see aerosmith too. one day maybe.

lola's mom, i've seen amy grant too! at least twice back when she was strictly contemporary christian before she crossed over to pop. i had forgotten that!


the husband said...

She seems to forget my cork board I have in my workshop with all my ticket stubs on it. I still have a ticket stub from the World Trade Center when I was in high school. See, I do keep some stuff.

Magnolia Sun said...

Mine would have to be Bon Jovi (my FAV group). For my birthday in 2004, husband was in Iraq and due to come back right after my birthday. Bon Jovi was doing a special concert, very small venue in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas (we lived there at the time). Husband finally found tickets on ebay - way over priced but surprised me with them. Great time.