Tuesday, March 13, 2007

crafty tuesday

yesterday the husband brought home MORE cigar boxes...a set of 3 graduated sizes that are red...i like them a lot!

after work yesterday i went to the fabric store and got some supplies to make two fabric covered bulletin boards to go on the inside of each closet door in girlville...
and tonite with the husband's help using the staple gun we finished one!

i still have to get some black felt to finish off the back neatly but they didn't have any black at that particular store. i cannot wait to get them hung!

i also pretty much abandoned the book i was reading when i went to bj's this weekend and got 'shopaholic and baby'. i've read all the series and was chomping at the bit to get the latest book which came out last week (or the week before). i'm about 3/4 done with it...it's GOOD...

loving the warm weather - it was 80ish today and same is predicted for tomorrow. i even wore sandals to work today!


ps: why is EVERY tv show a repeat this week????????


rpm said...

I like that board and the colors are great. I love wearing sandals, too. I need a pedi real bad.

Magnolia Sun said...

I like your board, I have one in my kitchen (I bought it though). It comes in handy during Christmas with all the photo cards.