Friday, February 9, 2007

weekend plans

a couple of nites ago i went to the craft store again. i knew i didn't have enough yarn to finish the husband's afghan so i HAD to go get more...while there i got some other stuff too:

the 2 skeins of yarn are going to be a cable knit purse for moi. the wooden 'k' is just for fun to paint and i got 2 more canvases since i'm loving painting them (the 5x5 WILL be finished this's *this* close to being done). the hello kitty pez dispenser was an impulse buy at the checkout counter.

i also finished reading sofie metropolis a couple of days ago. it was a good book and is the first in a series with sofie being the lead character - she's a private investigator. it was a lot like 'my big fat greek wedding'.

tonite we are going to stop by total wine for a wine tasting of virginia wines then head to the fabric store to search for potential candidates for recovering the 'new' chair in girlville. also i'm thinking of making some sort of fabric covered bulletin board panels to go inside the craft closet doors pictured below:

after the fabric store we are going to the grocery for some basics to get that out of the way. luckily i don't have to cook this weekend as we are still eating the stuff in the freezer from a couple of weekends ago when i had cook-o-rama. i may bake some cookies though!

saturday we are going to a big wine tasting of only north carolina wineries (it's actually a benefit for a charity). after that i've got zero plans but here are some things i'd like to get done: ironing (yuck!), finish 5x5 canvas, plan another canvas, re-start the husband's afghan (oh yeah, forgot to mention i had to rip out all i've done so far as i was screwing up the ends and it was beginning to look like a parallelogram), finish reading a book, watch a minimum of 2 movies we've got from netflix...that's all i can think of right now.

have a great weekend!



rpm said...

That sounds like a nice weekend. You can get your husband to go to the fabric store? And not pressure you to hurry up?? I take a long time in the fabric store. I got some fabric to use as a tablecloth for a little table in my kitchen and they said when they remodel the store at the end of the year, they are getting rid of the fabric department...SHAME. Have you heard of that happening up there? I can't wait to see the canvas painting.

girlville said...

rpm, my secret to gettting the husband to the fabric store is he takes a book and sits in their nice foyer on a bench and reads. he doesn't pressure me to hurry up at all. we usually go on a monday or friday nite when they are open late and not busy. i was probably there about an hour friday nite. this store is only fabric (upholstery, drapery, sewing) so they will never 'get rid of their fabric dept.' like your store. that's very sad! we have 2 really good fabric stores in town and i would die if they went out of business!