Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend, part II: let the baking begin!

yesterday (sunday) i baked cookies and banana bread. the banana bread was a total impulse thing as i just happened to notice our bananas were going bad!

the recipe for the cookies is from the latest bon appetit magazine and can be found online here. they are called dark and white chocolate chunk cookies. the 'secret' ingredient is chopped crystallized ginger. word of warning - that stuff is $$$. i found it in the spice section of the market and it was already chopped albeit the chunks were rather large, i had to chop it up more.

further chopped up crystallized ginger

cookies out of the oven

cookies plated for presentation

some of the cookies were bagged to give to friends

what i did different from the recipe: since i'd already spent a small fortune on the ginger, i opted to NOT buy super nice white chocolate and cut it into chunks. i had a bag of nestles white chocolate chips and i just used those. also i used ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chips or whatever they are called (something akin to that) as they are my FAVorite chocolate chips currently.

would i would do differently next time: add the white chocolate straight to the batter, not put it on top - i thought it looked strange and the white chocolate needed to be better mixed up in the cookie rather than sitting on top.

another warning: these are super rich and chocolaty, almost like a truffle type of cookie.

this is the banana bread. again, i made small loaves cause i like the size for just the two of us. recipe is from paula deen.



Magnolia Sun said...

The cookies and bread look wonderful.

girlville said...

magnolia sun, thank you! i will go eat a cookie for you...wait, i already did.