Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend, part I

weekend recap:

friday nite we did our usual errand running...i got some samples at the fabric store for the chair in girlville. the green/floral one on the bottom left is in the running (of course, it is THE most expensive one!). i went to another store on saturday and got more samples which i haven't taken pictures of yet.

saturday we went to the wine event and ran some more errands. it was too cold and too windy. when we got home i didn't feel like doing anything - so i didn't!

sunday my dad came over and helped us hang the first piece of new ceiling in the bathroom. that project should be finished in 2 more weekends and photo's will be revealed then...

after helping in the bathroom i started my day in full force: washing a multitude of laundry, baking cookies and banana bread, finishing the 5x5 canvas AND i did another canvas too!

5x5 canvas

'bonus' 8x10 canvas

i'm really happy with both of them but like the 8x10 better because i let the paint be sheer instead of super saturated like the 5x5. also i sprayed the 5x5 with gloss acrylic finish but am going to do the 8x10 with matte (when the weather cooperates).

so i had a great weekend but got no reading done and no movies watched.


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rpm said...

Very good job on the canvases...You have an eye for that. My sister and I both like the black with the circles for that chair. It matches the furniture in the room real well and also has the punch of color with the circles. But all the fabrics are pretty! I also like the lavendar fabric and then you could paint the legs black on the chair. Show us the other fabrics, too!!