Thursday, March 15, 2007


tonite we are going to see the hurricanes take on the nj devils (it's spca nite). we haven't been to a game all season. we went to a couple of games last season and watched them (on television, cause playoff/cup tickets are $$$) make it thru the playoffs to the finals and bring the stanley cup home! the cup then made the rounds all over the city.

one day at work we got a memo that an 'event' was taking place for the main building tenant the next morning and there would be 300ish extra people here for said super secret 'event'...basically this meant 'do NOT park in the visitors spaces, please'. we all thought nothing of it. the next day when i got to work i noticed a minivan with hurricanes logos and stuff painted all over it...then there were security people standing outside the front the lobby there were balloons everywhere but certainly not 300 people milling about....hmmm...then it hit me - the cup was here! the main building tenant is a major hurricane's sponsor. everyone in my office was buzzing about it. so i went to take some 'mail' (no really i did) to the mail slot downstairs and coming out of the bathroom was stormy the mascot (props to whoever can correctly guess what he is):we all quickly decided to crash this 'event' even though we weren't invited! we each had our picture made with the cup by a professional photographer, could touch it or whatever we wanted and then helped ourselves to the breakfast buffet! here is a picture taken by our office manager and then the one taken by the pro:

the next nite the husband and i went to see the durham bulls baseball team play and the cup was there of that later...

go canes!



rpm said...

That was a great surprise for you all that are fans! Good pictures of you and cup! That mascot looks like a cross between a bear and a pig! Looks like the trophy weighs A LOT.

Pam said...

I went to a hockey game with my cousin (who has season tixs) to the Predators when we lived in Nashville. I love to watch it when I get a chance but honestly...I have no idea what's going on half the time. lol! We have a team here in Knoxville but I think it's in the "minor leaque" or something. I'm stumped on the mascot.