Friday, February 2, 2007

great news!

remember 'nubbie' the spca cat who was at the petsmart adoption center when i went last week (see january 24th post)??? well this message was in my inbox from the spca volunteer coordinator this morning:

Nubbie (cat adoption on 1/26)
Nubbie (now Sophie) came to us 11/16/06 as a stray. She is a nice Torti cat with no tail (ergo the name “Nubbie!”) She was adopted by a nice young woman and her mom, nice enough to change her name to Sophie. They have a dog and have reported that, “She is becoming a great addition to our family. She seems to be very content with her new home.” Sounds like Nubbie is having a happy ending. (OK, it’s a weak pun, but it will have to do.)

happy, happy, joy, joy!! this wonderful cat got adopted!! and she got a FABULOUS new name (no, i'm not partial to that name at all...not one bit...nope).



Pam said...

What a happy ending!=)

rpm said...

I'm so glad Nubbie/Sophie got a good home...they all deserve to have a good home.