Monday, February 5, 2007


girlville really my house...second floor...front corner bedroom. it has only recently been 'incorporated' though. as in just before christmas.

girlville use to be just an extra bedroom that was considered charlie's since he spent the majority of his time hiding out under one of the twin beds in there. i've been wanting a 'craft room' for awhile and charlie's room was the logical choice but i knew in order to implement my plan one of the twin beds would have to go - specifically the one he usually stayed under. i struggled with this for literally like a year. i know how crazy that sounds but i just didn't know how he would take it. i felt so bad taking his hiding spot away. finally i decided he would most likely adapt. maybe even just move to under the other bed. i drew up my plans for the closet and made arrangements for a friend to take the spare bed off my hands and quickly things fell in to order.

here is the remaining bed (it did switch sides of the room though) and the garland around the window was part of my tacky christmas decor. 'tacky' is the christmas theme for this room (picture was taken back in december/i do not still have up christmas!).

the husband did a GREAT job with the closet. there is a shelf that runs all the way across which i use as a desk/workspace. the chair fits right under and the doors will even close! he wired an electrical outlet so i can have a lamp in there and plug in my sewing machine.

at either end of the closet he installed the shelving i designed to hold all of my junk, i mean craft supplies!

over christmas i moved a chair from the living room up to girlville so there would be space for the christmas tree downstairs. i got use to the chair being there and delayed moving it back to the den until i absolutely had to. so i called my mom to see if she had any extra chairs. she was storing this one for a friend of the family. it belonged to the man's father. i'm still deciding if i want it or not. it will HAVE to be recovered. it fits the space nicely but i'm just not quite sure. i need to go look at fabric this weekend to see if i can find something really funky. anyone have any comments? cause i would appreciate feedback on the chair.

oh, and about charlie. he took the takeover of his room fairly well. he has relocated to under our bed.



rpm said...

I am so in love with your craft room. I love the color of the walls. I love the closet setup. It's perfect! You are so lucky to have that much space to devote to your hobby. I see the fabric in the corner. I love going to the fabric store...but I don't know how to sew. But there is a lady here that has recovered some of my furniture and I enjoy picking out the fabric. I see the Domino magazine on the table there. I get that mag too. I'm not crazy about it. Do you like it? If you get to keep that chair for yourself, I would definitely get it recovered. It has really neat curves. You could also paint the legs and arms to match whatever fabric you pick!

girlville said...

rpm, thank you for your compliments. before you get too excited, i must note that the room is sort of small like maybe 11'x11'. but still i AM lucky to have it all to myself! i like having the fabric in the corner although the husband thinks it looks messy. i think it looks crafty. the domino mags a neighbor gives me to read. i am not crazy about them either. i think i'll go to the fabric store friday nite and look for neat fabrics. i was thinking of painting the wood a crazy insane color like red, apple green or tiffany box blue - which ever goes with the fabric i pick out. i want something wild like a paisley are big floral.

Magnolia Sun said...

What a wonderful room, love all the detail in the closet and the wall color is beautiful.