Thursday, February 1, 2007

another book

i feel like such the speed reader these days! i've essentially read 4 books in january (ok, today is february 1 but cut me some slack, ok?). sweetwater creek by anne rivers siddons was a LOVELY read. i did not want to put it down nor did i want the book to ever end. i have read all of her books and they are just wonderful. this may just be my favorite one written by her. i love love love a southern author!


rpm said...

I am so glad to hear your review on that book. It is next up on my books to read after I finish the one I started last night. I love southern authors and storylines. I love to hear the descriptions of the scenery and the food.

girlville said...

rpm, the imagery in this book is outstanding. it's not so much food but definitely scenery. i think it should be made into a movie (however, i think that about nearly every book i read!). ms. siddons is a very talented writer.