Thursday, January 18, 2007

yeah, weathergirl was wrong

so this was the scene here this morning...

yeah the 'trace of wintry precipitation' ended up being a bit more than the weatherpeeps predicted. luckily it stopped very soon after i took this picture. schools were cancelled after the buses had already picked up students. it was nutty. the rain started around 10am and all of this white stuff quickly melted.

the husband is at his fantasy football end of season party (they go to *hooters* 'for the wings' - whatever). so i am flying solo tonite. here was my dinner...

i didn't make it it's an organic veggie lasagna frozen dinner but it was quite tasty along with some two-buck chuck from trader joe's. thursday is my fav tv nite: the office, grey's anatomy and er. i'm also finalizing plans for a dinner soiree saturday nite, it's my cousin/goddaughter's birthday. she will be 13 and that makes me feel o.l.d.

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rpm said...

It's looking cold up there. What is two-buck chuck? Is Trader Joe's a great grocery store? I love going in grocery stores and looking around.