Friday, January 12, 2007

welcome to the land of blog...

hello and welcome to my blog. i've been reading blogs for about a year now and one of my new year's intentions was to start a blog. another of my intentions is to finish some of the multitudes of projects that i have begun and abandoned in the past. this blog will be about all sorts of things: crafts, cooking and baking, my 4 sweet kitties ~ to be introduced later (as in when i get time to upload some pictures) (although as you can see i did have a pic of the divine miss sophie already on my computer so she gets to be 'first' which i'm sure pleases her as she has to be first at everything), reading, watching tv and movies and other random bits of my everyday life here in north carolina. i am a 30-something/married for 9 years/administrative assistant at a commercial construction company. my dream is to quit my job and stay home and bake and clean the house and do crafts. i don't forsee that dream coming true anytime in the near future. so hello, welcome all and i hope to get to know you very soon. and don't be surprised to see a link to your blog on my sidebar. i read and enjoy LOTS of blogs on a daily basis!



rpm said...

Yeah!! Your blog looks great! I love that your cat Sopielou is known as a vicious biter! Thanks for the link. I'm going to link you over at my place! I start projects too and then don't finish them. Or I'll spend a lot of money getting the supplies and then I flake out and don't get on the project until forever!

Dave Daniels said...

Hi, trying to post again. My first one hasn't shown up yet.
Congratulations on getting your blog going. Nice layout you've chosen, too.