Tuesday, January 16, 2007


while browsing for pics of the kids for the sidebar i came across this picture of tyler. i can tell it's a really old picture because we don't even have the table he's resting on anymore! i think it's maybe from 3 or 4 years ago. he has aged well as he still looks the same to me. i love his white feet - he grooms all the time to keep them sparkling.
the sidebar only lacks one baby - charlie - i am having trouble finding a picture of him. he spends most of his days hiding under the sofa so photo opps are few and far between....


Dave Daniels said...

What a sweetheart! And the photo in the sidebar is priceless. You can see osme serious thinking going on in there.

rpm said...

Cats are so pretty..they remind me of seashells because they are different just slightly. I cannot tell the age of a cat just by looking at one.

Your trip sounds so peaceful. And it looks so pretty. There's so much history up where you went...I'd spend days checking all that out. It's nice to come home to "children" that love you and are glad to see you.

girlville said...

dave, thanks - he is so sweet. but i think the look in the sidebar picture is more of 'mom, please stop taking my picture'.

rpm, that's such a lovely thought - 'cats are like seashells'. it really is true, and isn't it odd that unlike dogs cats don't get gray hair as they age? Our trip was so peaceful. we were amazed that you could sit outside and hear absolutley nothing at all. bliss it was.