Sunday, January 21, 2007

television alert

tonite's extreme makeover home edition takes place where i live. it's about a very deserving, special family, the riggins'...if you've ever wondered about that show and how much of a surprise it is, well let me tell you it one in this city save for the people on the show and the builder knew until thursday, november 30th! the famous door knock occured that morning and it hit the news by 7:30am. i couldn't believe they were in MY city! i so very much wanted to volunteer as you could just go to the site and help but we were leaving in 2 days to do go disney world...which coincidently is where the family was sent that very day...i looked high and low for them there, but it was all in vain as that place is so vast. we did have computer access and were able to keep up with it via the local newspaper online (click for sneek peak) back home and our friends emailed us with updates every day as it was BIG time news that week. the house turns out beautiful! it is in the same neighborhood as the church where i grew up and the college i attended. please watch if you can...


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rpm said...

I missed the show...our local ABC channel and the cable company are at war with each other and we can't get anything on ABC...even our local news. But that is a good show with a good cause.