Friday, January 19, 2007


i made 8 baby eggnog cakes last nite from this recipe. a half-gallon of soon to expire eggnog left me in a quandary so i googled 'eggnog cake recipe 'and came up with this. since i had 2 cake mixes in the pantry i doubled the recipe in an effort to use up as much of the eggnog as possible. i like to make things in baby loaf pans and freeze it then we take stuff out at random and there is just enough for the two of us to have a yummy treat. i always have mini banana breads in the freezer. we tend to eat these mainly on the weekends when we linger in bed watching tv, reading the paper and drinking coffee.

*i have nothing against sandra lee, i just consider anything that spruces up a cake mix to be something right up her alley!
**later on we tried one...delicious! i highly recommend baking some if you still have some eggnog sitting around.



rpm said...

Yummy!!!!! I have a Eggnog pound cake recipe,too, from Southern Living. I didn't make it this year and it's much more involved than the recipe you just shared. I'll have to try this one that you shared and see which one I like better. I love cooking pictures!

girlville said...

rpm, i gotta tell you that while these are good, they do not have the texture of a true pound cake. they are very light and fluffy. we finished one off for breakfast this morning and i think it's almost like breakfast cake consistency. i saw some 'more involved' recipes when i searched and think they would yield a better result but i was pressed for time so i took the easy way out. next year i'm going to try a from scratch one.