Wednesday, January 17, 2007

oh the weather outside is frightful....

according to the weather peeps we could be in for some wintry weather tomorrow and again on sunday. they are already using the evil word - ice! agggggggggggghhhhhh ice usually equates to power outtages around here. we are just far enough south that we tend to get freezing rain and ice accumulating on tree branches and power lines. last time this happened the forecasters said 'no worries' but we ended up stuck at work until 10pm and then it took an hour to drive home (usually a 10 minute trip). if so much as one drop of freezing rain falls tomorrow - i'm outta there!
BUT maybe they will be wrong again and either we will get nothing (my personal preference) or loads of fluffy snow and my house will look like this

(that's the gingerbread house i made for christmas this past year)



rpm said...

Wow, good job on that gingerbread house!!! Did you make your own icing for the snow or did it come in the kit? I love to look at any and all gingerbread houses! One of these days I'm going to make one.

girlville said...

thanks! the icing came with the kit. it was fun but time consuming. you should definitely try it next year.