Friday, January 19, 2007

inquiring minds want to know

yesterday someone asked about the two buck chuck and trader joe's. i thought everyone knew about them as i figured where i live was THE LAST place to get a trader joe's. we are the last to get anything! so trader joe's is sort of a specialty grocery store but has really cheap prices. i have yet to go to our new trader joe's as it opened right before i went to florida in december and then i kept hearing horror stories of how crazy busy it was (as in 2 hour waits to check out and whatnot). i may go this sunday if this doesn't happen. we will see.

but my super nice neighbors gave us a bottle of two buck chuck (sauvignon blanc) for christmas and i'm working on it right now. here's the 'official' word on two buck chuck:

If there’s been one constant in our wine selection lately, it’s got to be Charles Shaw. Lovingly nicknamed “Two Buck Chuck” by a member of the wine press, these California wines have become something of a phenomenon in the wine world, and in our stores. Contrary to many an urban legend, these super-value wines began as the result of an oversupply of wine and a great relationship with a valued supplier. They’ve become the nation’s best-selling wines, not surprising when you consider the combination of low price ($1.99 - $3.49 per bottle, depending on the region) and great taste Charles Shaw wines offer. Depending on the season and the quality of wine available, our selection of Charles Shaw varietals will vary, but the quality never will.

we also had a bottle of the chardonnay at the mountains last weekend. both of them are just fine for the price.

so that's the scoop on trader joe's and two buck chuck. i hope to make it over there soon and see if it's worth adding to my list of preferred specialty grocery stores...currently fresh market , wholefoods and earthfare are my favorites.

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rpm said...

OH my goodness...I never would have thought that two buck chuck was a wine! I was thinking to myself...surely that's not some cheap meat (becuase I love a good chuck roast.) I was in the store today and saw a bottle of wine named Red Dress! They are really coming up with some funny names for wine. I would love to have a nice grocery here. We are getting a publix soon but the Fresh Market is about 45 miles from here so I won't be going often.