Wednesday, January 31, 2007

finished objects

over this past weekend i got LOTS of things done and even finished two, count them two projects! see the nifty 'finished projects' in the sidebar? first i finished painting some wooden hearts on sticks for valentine's decor. i put them in the flower pot outside our front door for a pop of color on these bitter cold winter days. i think they turned out quite nice!

second, i finished the baby blanket i was crocheting. no one i know is having a baby anytime soon but in an effort to use up some stash yarn and be prepared when someone does have a baby, i present:
i now have both a girl blanket and boy blanket in reserve. in the interim, kady enjoyed it immensely!

(no worries, this was actually before i finished the border and laundered it! now the blanket safely resides in a drawer far far away from the reaches of the kitties).

so my current projects now are an afghan for the husband (yarn purchased, oh about a year ago) and painting a 5x5 canvas that caught my eye at the craft store the other day. i've started tinkering with the canvas but don't know what it's ultimately going to turn out to be....stay tuned....



Pam said...

What a fabulous pattern for the baby blanket! I had to chuckle at Kady enjoying the blanket. Looks like what would happen at my house.
Check out Candi Jensen's pattern books for some lovely baby and toddler patterns. They are really great.
I also have loads of stash's a sickness. Think there is a support group?

rpm said...

The baby blanket is so pretty. Little Kady looks so peaceful...maybe she needs one for herself? I really like the little heart sticks...they are colorful and would look good in a flower arrangement, too. You are so crafty!

girlville said...

pam, stash overload is a true sickness, i'm just waiting for a cure as is my wallet!

rpm, oh rest assured kady has her very own blanket already! this one was just 'new and different' so she preferred it over her own.