Tuesday, January 16, 2007

down from the mountain

we are still recovering from our mini-vacay. it was a great trip but i missed the kids a lot. kady didn't want me to leave.
the drive up was taxing to say the least what with the total darkness and lack of knowing where on earth we were or were supposed to be. we got up there about 8ish and unpacked. due to the darkness it was hard to know where we were situated on the mountain or what type of view we may have. upon waking up on saturday and walking down to the kitchen here was the view that greeted us...

it was breathtaking.

since it was rather warm for january skiing was not an option for us. we headed down the mountain into the valley and headed for the wintergreen winery. we learned that there were 7 wineries in that county so we hit 4 (after buying 12 bottles we decided that was enough for one day!)

we ate dinner at a lovely french bistro owned by a lady named kay. i had mushroom ravioli in a rosemary leek sauce. it was really really yummy. back up the mountain for the nite we all watched little miss sunshine a very funny movie - i highly recommend it.

sunday we decided to do absolutely nothing so we spent the day in our pajamas lounging on the deck, reading books, drinking wine and reveling in the total silence that was surrounding us. we ate dinner up at the mountain inn at a restaurant that overlooked the mud pits that were the ski slopes. all of the shops at the resort were closed for the evening so we went back down to the house and watched desperate housewives and brothers and sisters.

monday arrived signaling our time on the mountain was coming to an end. we had drank some of the wine we had purchased on saturday so we needed to replace it before we left for home. a lady at the winery gave us some lunch suggestions as the town is very small and had rather limited options. half of us at at the blue ridge pig (a bbq joint) while the rest including me ate at a quaint deli called ambrosia. the sandwich was wonderful but the dessert (chocolate toffee bar) was near perfection.

the drive home was long but at least it was daylite the entire drive. the 'kids' were glad to see us when we arrived home and we were happy to be home. the evening was spent doing laundry, getting caught up on the mail, newspaper and internet (we were without for nearly 4 days!) and snuggling with our sweet babies.

on the craft front i did put a huge dent in the baby blanket i'm working on. it's about 3/4 done. maybe i will finish it this week.

here are some more pictures from our trip

the front of the house

ok, when i figure out why all the pictures are miniscule save for the last one i'll post more. until then...grrrr...that irritates me.... edit - i've worked on the pictures and gotten some of them to post larger but am growing weary of fighting with it....


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