Saturday, January 13, 2007

books i've read 2007 to the moon, adam gopnik
49.the christmas train, david baldacci
48.this christmas, jane green et al christmas, mary kay andrews
46.skipping christmas, john grisham
45.dirty laundry, tori carrington
44.the christmas pearl, dorothea benton frank
43. stupid and contagious, caprice crane
42. the first assistant, clare naylor
41. the second assistant, clare naylor
40. the spirit of covington, joan medlicott
39. lucky girl, fiona gibson
38. lauren's story: an american dog in paris, kay pfaltz
37. water for elephants, sara gruen
36. the bachelorette party, karen mccullah lutz
35. animal, vegetable, miracle (a year of food life), barbara kingsolver
34. the gatecrasher, madeline wickham
33. the knitting circle, ann hood
32. back on blossom street, debbie macomber
31. rise and shine, anna quindlen
30. mother of pearl, melinda haynes
29. the book of jane, anne dayton & may vanderbilt
28. waltzing at the piggly wiggly, robert dalby
27. harry potter and the deathly hallows, j k rowling
26. baby proof, emily giffin
25. something blue, emily giffin
24. the guy not taken {stories}, jennifer weiner
23. swapping lives, jane green
22. eat, pray, love, elizabeth gilbert
21. suburbanistas, pamela redmond satran
20. astrid & veronika, linda olsson
19. something borrowed, emily giffin
18. susannah's garden, debbie macomber
17. the friday night knitting club, kate jacobs
16. the land of mango sunsets, dbfrank
15. yarn harlot, stephanie pearl-mcphee
14. it ain't all about the cookin', paula deen
13. good grief, lolly winston
12. icing on the cake, laura castoro
11. a wedding in december, anita shreve
10. shopaholic & baby, sophie kinsella
9. this side of married, rachel pastan
8. the scent of scandal, carole matthews
7. the inheritance, louisa may alcott
6. sofie metropolis, tori carrington
5. sweetwater creek, anne rivers siddons
4. knitting under the influence, claire lazebnik
3. younger, pamela redmond satran
2. the reluctant tuscan, phil doran
1. swapping lives, jane green