Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wednesday house tour ~ part two

tyler showing y'all the kids eating area by the side door! i hung art at their eye level for them to enjoy.

this piece of furniture is at the side door (would be behind tyler in the picture above). it was the husband's before we got married...he used it as an entertainment center...i am actually standing outside to take this picture as it's a tight squeeze in this area.

door to right is side entry...also funky light the husband installed a couple of years ago when we finished up re-doing the kitchen

stove area

area to left of kitchen sink...the artwork on the left is a 'painting' done by kittens at the spca...they have a 'show' once a year to raise money...picture to right is from an annual spring art show here, i thought it looked like tyler

well, that's all for this week WILL be the powder room. as always, you should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them.



Magnolia Sun said...

LOVE the kitchen, love the backsplash, counter top and really love your cabinets. What kind of wood are the cabinets?

girlville said...

magnolia, how funny you like the cabinets - they are original to the house circa 1985 i think. i opted to leave them alone when we redid everything. we did change the hinges and the knobs though and i gave them a good cleaning. i'm not sure what they are. they are NOT pine or oak. the husband thinks maybe cherry. i'm just glad i didn't paint them white - i think they make the kitchen look warmer.

Lola's *mom* said...

I love your stove! So nice. And, the color you chose for your dining area is the same color we almost chose for our dining room. But, we're lazy and opted to leave the color the couple who lived there before us painted it. We thought about using the blue color and doing an Americana theme.

AM said...

The kitchen looks great. I like the cabinets too. From all the neat architechtural detailings Ive seen in your house, I thought it was older. Like 40's. How many coats of blue did that take?

the husband said...

We used 1 coat of blue tinted primer and 2 finish coats. The walls in the kitchen were not primed before they were wallpapered. When the wallpaper came down so did alot of sheetrock. g's dad and I had to skim coat and sand the walls with sheetrock compound before priming. Then do lots of touchups before we could finish coat. HUGE pain in the butt.