Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

pinterest inspired art projects

in addition to the $10 green mirror, part of my redecorating plan for a bedroom in the mountains includes all new artwork on the walls.  my budget is $0 so i consulted my pinterest boards and visited the husband's scrap wood pile to come up with a few items:

i mixed up some red chalk paint and used it to distress a scrap piece of wood and added this funny phrase {no, we've never seen a bear}:

in case people forget where they are, a distressed scrap of wood {that i had painted turquoise and then abandoned} got a coat of black paint and hand painted lettering:

a few years ago i found this needlepoint of the usa at my granny's house {i have no idea if she did this herself or picked it up at a yardsale}...the colors are perfect for the design i have in mind for the room so i popped it in a black frame i already had:

and the last project so far, i printed this {bonus points if you can name the movie it's from} because it has the 'camp' look i'm going for...again, i put it in a frame i already had:

total spent for these 3 pieces of 'art'  $0!

i have now started the 3 canvases...
soon you will find out what won out: solid, stripe or chevron...stay tuned


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

$10 mirror makeover

if i could have any job in the world it would be to find junky furniture and what not and fix it up...i've not refinished any furniture in awhile cause sooner or later a house gets full, right?  and me, i have a hard time refinishing a piece and then parting with it...but when i decided to spruce up a dark, tiny windowless bedroom in the mountains i grabbed to opportunity to go junkin'
a trip to the local habitat reuse store scored a sweet albeit beat up $10 wood mirror:

{clue, there is 'foreshadowing' in the picture of what was to come...}

i think someone tried to carve their name in the top?

and the edges were pretty worn...but this was a SOLID piece...i could barely carry it to the cash register to pay for it

step 1: remove the mirror

Friday, March 15, 2013

favorite food friday ~ banana 'ice cream'

so one of my best 'internet' buddies, emily, started blogging on fridays about some of her favorite foods and i've decided to join we are both showing banana 'ice cream' that is all over pinterest...i never pinned it because it really just seemed to good to be true...but then a couple of weeks ago emily made it and raved about it and said everyone should make it!

the ingredients are simple and i have them on had all the time:
frozen bananas
peanut butter (my addition)
chocolate chips

toss the frozen bananas (i had to peel mine because i'm lazy and i just toss mine in the freezer as is. this would be a much easier endeavor if you took the time to peel the bananas before freezing them) into a food processor bowl along with some dollops of peanut butter:

pulse it for a bit until it's all creamy...the peanut butter wasn't all mixed in, but i liked it like that:

scoop out into a bowl and top with chocolate chips:

we ate it for dinner and it really was delicious!
in future i might add a bit of cocoa powder but really, it was great just like this

don't forget to visit emily and me every friday for our favorite foods
have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the 'i'm not decorating for easter' easter decorations:

christmas decorating wiped me out this past season and i've not flung myself into decorating for any holiday since {and i've got lots of valentine and easter decorations...lots}...but one little area of my den i have consistently seasonally decorated since early fall:

i started with this pewter tray back in august & added the aspen tree votive holder (gifted from leah) and the scrabble tile tray...all of the other things vary with the season or holiday...yesterday i switched out to my version of spring and added in a couple of nests and birds and a little handpainted sign

the best word i could come up with {score: 12 points}

this little faux mercury glass bird was actually a christmas decoration from target a couple of years ago...i bought 2 silver and 1 red and use them all the time

i'm ready for the plants and flowers outside to start blooming! 

welcome, spring!